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Whether it’s a leaky pipe, an overflowing sink, a clogged-up washing machine or a major flood, when your personal possessions and property are soaked and even destroyed, water damage can leave you devastated. That is why we offer a start-to-finish restoration service, to get you through what is often a very tough time. Our industrial machinery can quickly pump out thousands of gallons of water, before we bring in dehumidifying equipment to dry out your space. Prompt clean-up is critical in these situations, to stop the growth of mold. Wherever possible, we will also try and clean and restore your personal items, and we also offer a disinfecting service, using antimicrobial treatments and fogging equipment.

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There are probably few things worse than having to deal with a sewage backup. Not only will your home be flooded with contaminated water, and accompanied by a foul stench but, If you don’t act quickly, you might well end up exposed to harmful bacteria, mold and other dangerous pathogens. Only professionals like ourselves, with industrial equipment and protective clothing, should handle sewage problems, which is why we offer a 24/7 service, to give you peace of mind at what is often a very upsetting time. Don’t worry - we are experts, and will start the clean-up immediately and make sure the necessary steps are taken to protect your health at all times.

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Expert Mold Removal Services to Protect Your Health

It’s quite likely that if you’re dealing with water damage, mold will be a side-effect. Mold is a fungus, travelling through the air via its spores and reproducing very quickly. The health implications are potentially worrying - especially for anyone who suffers from respiratory problems, skin irritations or allergies. Our professionals are trained in mold remediation and will isolate the area, then use special filtration equipment, with HEPA vacuums, to capture and kill the spores. We’ll also sanitize and deodorize everything afterwards, to make sure you are kept safe.

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